Silk Road 2018

Silk Road returned to sell out shows at Vault and Live theatre Newcastle.

To read a blog Alex wrote about bringing the play to Newcastle click here.

This time starring Josh Barrow and produced by Paul Virides of Shrapnel Productions.


***** Broadway World

Josh Barrow brings the piece to life with his hour-long epic monologue, in which he plays a total of five different characters. Never once dipping in energy, his physicality and voice drastically change with each new person portrayed, and this allows him to demonstrate a lot of emotional depth and comic timing. It’s a fantastic performance from a promising young actor.

Throughout you’re really taken on a great story that ends up being rounded of incredibly well. Oates writes with a slickness and brutality that Shaw exploits brilliantly in his staging. The end result is a production that is of the finest quality, and it’ll probably end up being one of the highlights of this year’s festival.

***** The Live Review

This one hour monologue had me engaged and enthralled in the story of Bruce the 19 year old that lives with his Nan.We all want something more for ourselves and if many of us weren’t so tied down with bills and the day to day jobs we probably wish we had the attitude of Bruce to take the risk and make something of ourselves.

**** The Stage

It’s an exhilarating, enjoyable ride, a Geordie Goodfellas that jumps between explanatory audience interaction – do you know, for example, the best way to hollow out a book to hide something inside? Or how to order smack online? – and a wild, whirlwind narrative that shifts gears with electric ease.